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Art by Dr. Dugan

Bladder Cancer – Doctor and Condition

Bladder cancer is a common form of cancer that starts in the cells of the bladder. The bladder is an organ in your lower abdomen, which stores urine. Bladder cancer usually begins in the cells (urothelial cells) in the lining of the bladder. Urothelial cells are also in your kidneys and the tubes (the ureters) between the kidneys and the bladder. Bladder cancer / urothelial cancer can be in the kidneys and ureters, as well as the bladder (but most common in the bladder).

Often, bladder cancer is diagnosed early, when it is very treatable. But this early bladder cancer can come back, even after a successful treatment. Because of this, bladder cancer usually requires follow-up tests for many years after treatment.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms May Include: