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Vasectomy Reversal – Doctor and Procedure

Vasectomy reversal is a surgery that reconnects the cut ends of the vas deferens. It will allow a man a chance to father children again. It reverses vasectomy sterility.

Common Symptoms and Related Terminology:

Description of the Problem:

There are several reasons why a man may choose to have a vasectomy reversal, including being in a better financial situation, loss of a child, remarriage, or even to alleviate testicular pain. There is no set time to perform a vasectomy reversal after a vasectomy, but in general the sooner after a vasectomy, the greater the results are for a successful vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy Reversal Alternatives:

Other techniques can be used to get live sperm from a man following a vasectomy. The harvested sperm can be used for IVF (in vitro fertilization).

Vasectomy Reversal Evaluation:

Prior to a vasectomy reversal, the man is carefully examined and his history taken. The couple is counseled on the details of reversal and the potential outcomes. Evaluation after a vasectomy consists of semen analysis to check for the presence of sperm in the semen. After vasectomy reversal, success can be checked through a semen analysis.

Vasectomy Reversal Treatment:

Vasectomy reversal surgery is done under anesthesia, as an outpatient. It takes 3 to 4 hours. After the surgery, you should rest at home and ice the area as much as possible. You may shower the following day, but should not bathe or swim for two days. You should do no heavy lifting or sporting activity for three weeks after surgery. Your doctor will let you know when it safe for you to return to work. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for two to four weeks after surgery. You will need to wear an athletic supporter for several weeks after surgery, and should bring it with you on your surgery day.

Vasectomy Summary:

A vasectomy reversal can return a man to fertility after his vasectomy. If sperm are present after a vasectomy reversal and your partner has no fertility issues, your partner may become pregnant. There is no guarantee of pregnancy, but a vasectomy reversal is often successful, especially if done in the early years after the original vasectomy.

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