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Male Incontinence / Urinary Leakage – Doctor and Condition

Male incontinence is the accidental release of urine in men.

Common Symptoms and Related Terminology:

Description of the Problem:

Urinary incontinence (leakage) in men may be caused by many different reasons. It may be the result of surgery to remove the prostate, weak muscles, dietary issues, underlying diseases such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis, lifestyle choices, or prior radiation therapy. The cause of the male incontinence can usually be found and there are a range of solutions to this problem. There are exercises you can do to strengthen the pelvic muscles. There are also surgical options available to help with male incontinence.

Male Incontinence Differential Diagnosis (What else could it be?):

Male Incontinence Evaluation:

Male incontinence evaluation will be done through a history and physical exam. A uroflow or a more complex urodynamic study may be ordered to determine the cause of the male incontinence. A cystoscope exam (look into the bladder) may be needed as well.

Male Incontinence Treatment:

Male incontinence treatment will depend on the cause of the male incontinence. Exercise and medication are usually tried first. Surgery is an option if other methods have failed to alleviate incontinence. Male sling surgery and artificial sphincter implants are sometimes required and are highly successful at helping with male incontinence.

Male Incontinence Summary:

Urinary male incontinence has a wide variety of causes, but through a brief workup the source can usually be found. Treatments for male incontinence range from exercises, to diet modification, to medicines to surgical procedures. If the cause of male incontinence is prior prostate surgery, additional outpatient surgery can often correct or at least substantially improve the problem. The good news is that your driest days may be in front of you rather than in your past!

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