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Art by Dr. Dugan

UroLift® for BPH / Enlarged Prostate – UroLift Doctor in Indianapolis & Indiana

UroLift® is a special treatment for BPH / Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia / Enlarged Prostate. The UroLift System is typically a unique one-time, outpatient surgery center treatment that provides quick relief for men with an enlarged prostate / BPH. The UroLift procedure stops your dependence on medications in most cases, without the risks of more invasive surgery. The goal of the UroLift system and procedure is to relieve BPH symptoms and get you back to being yourself again.

Most men with an enlarged prostate / BPH take medications, but they do not always work nor provide adequate relief, plus they can cause dizziness, fatigue, sexual side effects, and other issues. With the UroLift treatment, men can avoid both these medications and traditional surgery.

The UroLift treatment is minimally invasive and typically performed in the outpatient surgery center (home on the same day). UroLift uses tiny implants to hold open the tube, the urethra, that allows urine to flow. This form of BPH treatment fixes the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. Most UroLift patients return home right after the treatment, recover quickly, and experience nearly immediate relief.

Contact us to learn more about the UroLift procedure. Dr. Dugan is an experienced, trained and authorized UroLift Physician, and Advanced Urology is one of the few UroLift Centers soon to be named a Center of Excellence. This is a designation only provided to offices and physicians who have achieved a higher level of training and experience with the UroLift System.