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Hematuria / Blood in Urine – Doctor and Condition

Hematuria is the presence of blood in the urine.

Common Symptoms and Related Terminology:

Description of the Problem:

Hematuria is a general term that means different things to different people. The strictest definition of hematuria would be the presence of visible blood in the urine (“gross hematuria”) with or without blood clots. Microhematuria refers to the presence of red blood cells seen under the microscope on a spun urine sample. Red blood cells are not typically seen in the urine and often this condition can indicate either kidney disease, or bladder disease. There are many causes of hematuria.

Hematuria / Blood in the Urine Differential Diagnosis (What else could it be?):

Hematuria / Blood in the Urine Evaluation:

The evaluation of hematuria / blood in the urine usually involves testing of the urine for infection and evaluation of the urine looking for cancerous cells. Evaluation of the upper urinary tract is usually done with CT scanning or ultrasound and the lower urinary tract usually is inspected directly with a tiny flexible fiberoptic scope called a cystoscope.

Hematuria / Blood in the Urine Treatment:

Treatment depends on what is found at workup.

Hematuria / Blood in the Urine Summary:

Hematuria is often an early indication of a significant urological condition. While infection and stones are the most common cause, cancer of the urinary tract must be ruled out. Evaluation is strongly recommended.

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