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Hematospermia / Blood in Semen – Doctor and Condition

Hematospermia is the term for blood seen in the semen (climax fluid).

Common Symptoms and Related Terminology:

Description of the Problem:

Hematospermia is when blood shows up in the semen / ejaculate. Hematospermia is often a benign condition and needs no treatment. Sometimes blood in the semen may be an indicator of a more serious urologic condition such as a urethral stricture, infection of the prostate, or prostate cancer. It could also be a transient condition due to surgery such as prostate biopsy.

Hematospermia Differential Diagnosis (What else could it be?):

Hematospermia Evaluation:

Hematospermia evaluation will consist of a thorough history and physical to determine what the cause may be. Blood tests and urine specimens may also be done at the initial visit.

Hematospermia Treatment:

Hematospermia treatment will depend on the cause of the blood in the semen. Once the cause of blood in the semen is diagnosed a plan of treatment can be implemented. Often no treatment is indicated and the condition goes away on its own. Other times, treatable causes are found and medications are given. Rarely, a serious urologic condition is found.

Hematospermia Summary:

Hematospermia is blood in the semen / ejaculate. It can be quite frightening to patients. Although sexually transmitted diseases and prostate infections can be the cause, often there is nothing found on evaluation. Treatment depends on the cause. It is often self-limiting.

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